Smart Transportation
On June 12, 2014 Afeka College of Engineering hosted an Evening Seminar about "Smart Transportation",  which included three lectures.

Dr. Susan Grant - Miller from the University of Leeds presented a study about the potential of social media as a source of information for decision making, in the field of  transportation. Dr. Amir Ziv - Av, former Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Transportion and owner of Ziv - Av Engineering, spoke about common sense and Technology which reduces 100 fatalities per year without additional funds. Mr. Selby glory, entrepreneur and CEO of Spetrotec, introduced an innovative approach for car insurance  that is based on technology.

This is the third conference of the Israeli Association of Transportation Research (Ayala), hosted by Afeka College of Engineering. Professor Erel Avineri, the Head of Engineering and Infrastructure Management department at Afeka College was recently appointed as a member of the Executive Committee of Ayala.

Our Services
  • Development of models to predict transportation, logistics, energy and water systems demand
  • Development of methods for changing the behavior of users of transportation and energy infrastructure systems
  • Design of policy for infrastructure development
  • Development of applications for users of transportation, logistics and infrastructure systems
  • Products, services and policies effectiveness research