March 30, 2015 SMART ENERGY - unique conference on the subject of   energy efficiency, for  energy engineers, municipalities, hospitals, military and large institutions.

January 22,2015 - Gender aspects of transport policy planning -Afeka college Ayelet and Acitral center-ACITRAL.

 November 27, 2014 - Association of ITS in Israel -This year the conference will be devoted to key issues such as connectivity vehicles (different variations of V2X), smart cities, advanced safety systems, railroad systems, applications and matron, and more.



March 12, 2014  You are invited to learn about Master Degree  in Infrastructure Engineering and Management

January 23, 2014 , Israeli Association for Transportation Research and ACITRAL cordially invite  you to Futuristic Transportation Evening Seminar

November 13, 2013, The Israeli association of transportation along with Afeka College of Engineering and ACITRAL, invite you to an evening seminar "Time and Transportation", at the "Kollel", the Ficus Building, Afeka College of Engineering.

Our Services
  • Development of models to predict transportation, logistics, energy and water systems demand
  • Development of methods for changing the behavior of users of transportation and energy infrastructure systems
  • Design of policy for infrastructure development
  • Development of applications for users of transportation, logistics and infrastructure systems
  • Products, services and policies effectiveness research